Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Erin's Hometown

I was back at my parent's house this weekend, so I guess I'll start with my hometown. I grew up in the country outside of Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells, WI. It is gorgeous there with lots of trees, farmfields and bluffs. I went to school in Baraboo but worked all through high school in the Dells at a fine-dining restaurant called the Del-Bar. It has been there for 60 some years and the food is amazing. I put in a lot of hours there in college and it paid for the majority of it.

While I was home we took a family trip to Devil's Lake and went for a short hike and had some lunch. My dad is a science teacher so he always has nets and buckets around with the kids so he and Petey tried to catch some minnows at the lake.
and we just let Emi crawl around and be her sweet little self by the water.
This is my mom. She is one of my very favorite people ever... very generous, caring and is also very honest with me. Something I need sometimes.

On the way home, we stopped at the apple orchard and got some treats, cider and apples and let Pete explore for a while. The colors are just starting by their house, but it is always very beautiful there- lots of colors- more than we have in Minnesota for some reason.

We spend a lot of time outside- this is just down the road from my mom's house... once again gorgeous colors already. Peter is 2.5 and loves his balance bike. He is a little daredevil and will ride down HUGE hills with his feet up, goes over jumps and can ride for miles. I'll show you more of Winona next!

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