Sunday, 31 July 2011

*Take A Drive With Me*

Okay so thought it was kinda neat, you'd be able to see "Hespeler Road" which is one of the busiest streets here.
I found these on youtube..and it takes forever, so I don't care if you only watch a min or two...just gives you an idea of what I see all the time and where this Canadian Girl is from. :)


I finally found a few minutes to get everything set up for you ladies. I'm actually kinda sad...I didn't have the time to get all the pics together that I would have wanted (Ive decided that I'll do the same thing on my own blog about where I live, and maybe get some better pics too)

The city we're from is Cambridge, and then within this there are 3 separate towns..Preston, Galt and Hespeler. Galt makes up over half of the entire city, it's huge (and sadly most of it is dirty and unkept)I live in Hespeler. I hear that before Cambridge actually came together, these little towns functioned on their own. I guess thats why all 3 parts of town need to do things in their own each has a Santa Parade in the winter.
At this point Cambridge is up to 130,000 residents and is always growing!!! 

 This is my cute little house! (haha yes I'm Canadian but we have summers just like you!) I had this picture from when we first purchased our house in 2008. It's about 1500sq feet with 4 bedrooms, 2 washrooms and a really nice eat in kitchen. (which no Im not showing bc today is cooking day for the hubs and it's a disaster in there...I'd probably get lost)

We will be listing it next Spring, as we're outgrowing the space. There are 3 main bedrooms on the main floor (forgot to mention is a raised bungalow) and the other is in the basement, currently used as a play room for the kids.

This is "City Hall". It was built in 2008 and cost a bloody fortune in tax dollars. They were over budget. But, it's really nice and should do the city a lot of good for the next 100 years :)

 Hespeler Fire Hall...just so "Happens" to be near my house. ;) We walk past often! Haha.
This is our awesome library. It was redone the year we moved 2008 as well. The entire thing is glass. 

 This is Old city hall. It's mainly used now as a dance studio and a historical site for "life in Hespeler"

 St. Andrew's church is on the left of the picture. This is what you'd see before you turned onto my street, which is just up to the right on this.
Queen St. This is what I see every day.

My kids play at this park every day! We're lucky to have it across from our house.

 American Standard old factory building which is being turned into Condos.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Next comes Steve...

 We met originally in 2002 when I went to work in a factory to make some extra money for school. I was fresh out of high school, and was dating another person at the time. We started off as friends, and that eventually changed into dating. We were together for 2 years and then went our separate ways until 2007 when we started talking again.
Things happened quite quickly once we started seeing eachother again. We both knew that it would probably be forever this time. We bought our house May 2008.

 This is in Niagara Falls Feb 2010 for Steve's "30th" birthday. Funny thing is I believe this is the weekend I got pregnant with Ethan.
 October 13, 2008 the day after got engaged. I was soo pregnant with Caleb. And it was 90 degrees!
Christmas Christmas Party! I was 19 in this picture~!!!!

Breanna was a" surprise baby" for me. I was in my last year of Nursing school and it was a challenge trying to be in school full time with wonky nursing hours, and being pregnant with a baby girl. For me she was by far my hardest pregnancy. I was sick around the clock for 7 months.

She was born on April 30 2007 @ 436am after 20 hours of intense labor. She was 8lbs 15oz and 20 inches.

Next came Caleb December 23rd 2008 @929am. He was the easiest Labor (of the 2 that I was able to have natural births with my midwife) at only 7hours. My Christmas baby. :) Caleb was 9lbs 10oz and 19.5 inches long.

And the final edition is Ethan James who was born on November 25th 2010 at 6:01pm via csection. He was 11lbs 6oz and 20 inches.

If it was up to me...I'd have many more babies, but we want to be able to provide for the kids, so we are complete. I do have a step daughter, but we don't have access to her. Long terribly sad situation that resulted from a 1 night fling with Steve and another woman (before we were back together) who moved across the country and decided not to tell him until after the baby was almost 2. Her name is Emma and that's pretty much all I can tell you for now. Hopefully 1 day in the future, I will have more to share in this story. It's more of a "to be continued..." as we're in the middle of a nasty court battle to get joint custody of this other little princess.

I am honestly blessed to be a mom, and i believe that it has changed me for the good. I love my kids more then anything and each one of them is so different. 

That's all I can do for now....the kids are all getting up and ancy for us to play. 

I have so much more to add!!! :)

*Welcome to Cambridge*

Hi Mamas!!

Welcome to my city of Cambridge Ontario! For many of you, you'll probably never make it out this way, so I promise to try and include as many pictures of here as I can. It's not the most exciting of places (and in fact we're gonna be listing our house for sale in the spring) but originally when I thought up this idea for the whole "where we live" kinda deal, I wanted everyone to see what I get to each and every day.:)

I'll bring my camera in the diaper bag all week and snap pics when I can. Life is pretty busy around here these days with 3 munchkins all under 4 of my own, and usually 3-4 daycare buddies during the hours of 8am-6pm.  

First off I'll start with me. Obviously everyone has seen what I look like, but just in case you forget (hehe) here I am...

This of course is in my "earlier years"...this was for my 23rd birthday :)

I come from a family of 3 siblings. I'm the oldest. My parents were teen parents and I truly appreciate what they sacrificed for me. My mom was 15 and had to drop out of regular school, as it was looked down upon back in the day to be pregnant and in highschool. She managed to get her GED and went to hair school. My mom has worked for tons of popular places (our version of "mtv" here in Canada is Much music and she did hair for them for years, as well as working along side Paul Mitchell for his Canadian Division. She now has spread her wings into other areas and  also completed a course for  "life coaching" , which I think is really cool.

My dad was 17 when I was born, and never finished school so that he could go to work to support his new "little family". Sadly he never returned. He has had many different jobs as well, and has been working as a store manager with Home Depot for the past 13 years. 

(** I have to try and find a pic of my mom/dad may take me awhile on my computer but as soon as I do..I'll add it to this spot**)

My brother Bill (William) was born in 1989 when I was 6. I had lived with my grandparents and parents together before this point, and my parents decided it was time for us to move on. I remember saying that I wanted a little brother or sister so badly. 

Bill is 22 now and has just graduated with his bachelors in GRAPHIC DESIGN. Hes' out in the working world and loves it. 

Corey is the baby, and he's 20. He was born in 1991 when I was turning 8. We have a great relationship . Its funny bc of the age gap. Corey is in universirty for Psychology at this point, and not sure where he will end up.

This is from Christmas 1994..They'd kill me if they knew I posted it. Bhahah. Boxing day at our house is always for wearing "boxers"

This is Bill. He loves jamming on his guitar.

My brother and his best friend Darlene from last year. 

This is Corey. 

Corey and his girlfriend Crystal have been together since 1998. She is awesome, I love her just like a sister. They've already been through so much together, I'm hoping one day they will marry :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Day 2

Hello again ladies :)
Today was pretty much like yesterday- sewing sewing sewing! I enjoy sewing when I *want* to sew. I personally hate sewing for coop orders though. I offer my product at a discounted price and just feel "used" I guess. I usually only do them when we need the money- which is why I did this last one. I'm not making a dime off of it though since I had to buy a whole roll of PUL with that money. The good thing is that the coop will only use maybe a 5th of the roll, so whatever wet bags I make in addition to the coop will be profit. You probably didn't want to know all of that though, but that's why I hate coop sewing haha. I love doing customs, and I love making my children things though!

I personally think that a good blog post requires a lot of pictures, but maybe that's me. I'm a very visual person! So, anyone want to see some pictures?

I had a good opportunity to take the camera with me this morning when we ran errands all over town (ie. Walmart, fabric store, bank #1 to drop something off at mil, bank #2 to deposit a surprise check-yay!, back to the fabric store, and then Dairy Queen- gasp!), however, I totally forgot the camera! Go me!

I still had plenty of opportunity to bring it with me this afternoon though! I had to make another trip into town! So come along with me on my trip to town!

So, we go outside, hop into dh's car and GASPPPPPPPPPPPPP we can't BREATH! Your lungs are working overtime, you feel like someone is smothering you with a! Quick! Crank up the A/C! Gotta love this south GA heat!

As the A/C is blowing steaming hot air into your face, you can take a glance at our house. Admire with me the overgrown grass and the crazy bushes. Hoping DH will get to that soon! :) There's a pretty blue sky in the background though!

And now for the dirt road....just because...heehee :)

As we get into town we have an intersection....right as I was going to take a picture the light turned green! Quick! Take a picture!

And favorite place in town! It may not look like much...but trust me my friend, this is any sewers paradise! Are you ready for it?? (Btw, this was my 3rd time here today!)

Isn't it beautiful?? Nice outdated letters. Old brick building. Just wait until you see what's inside! 
To the right:

Straight in front of me:

To the far left:

Piles upon piles of beautiful fabric! Any color you desire! Any print your heart can dream up! Any occasion! Any holiday! Any gift! Ok, so maybe I'm getting a bit excited about this place, but seriously, can you see why?
Next, we head over to the hospital to visit a close close family friend who had a stroke yesterday. She's like a Grandma to me and I look up to her so much.

I stopped on all 3 floors b/c I wasn't sure which one was maternity, intensive, and then recovery. On my 3rd try we got the right one lol. Much to my surprise, she was released today!! Good news!!!  Time for a smiling picture b/c I'm happy, not the most flattering, but who cares! I do admit, I could look happier, but the elevator door was opening and I was afraid there was a group of people waiting to get on lol

So, I get back home and I sew....

and while I sew, DH is cooking dinner, makes the kids a "fort", and puts on veggie tales for them:

and then guess what I do! You're never going to guess!
I sew some more!! Woohoo!

I'm just thrilled, can't you tell?

Soooooo, I stop to eat dinner. DH did a great job with it! Then guess what I did? Yep! I sewed some more! Then I ironed the finished bags, and lint roller-ed them, added snaps to the appropriate bags, packaged them up, and then ate a bowl of ice cream (remind me to not buy that stuff anymore!).

And just b/c she's so cute, double chin and all, here's Ruthie. I was trying to get a nursing picture but she would unlatch every time I tried. She was too interested in the camera lol

That's all for today!