Sunday, 31 July 2011


I finally found a few minutes to get everything set up for you ladies. I'm actually kinda sad...I didn't have the time to get all the pics together that I would have wanted (Ive decided that I'll do the same thing on my own blog about where I live, and maybe get some better pics too)

The city we're from is Cambridge, and then within this there are 3 separate towns..Preston, Galt and Hespeler. Galt makes up over half of the entire city, it's huge (and sadly most of it is dirty and unkept)I live in Hespeler. I hear that before Cambridge actually came together, these little towns functioned on their own. I guess thats why all 3 parts of town need to do things in their own each has a Santa Parade in the winter.
At this point Cambridge is up to 130,000 residents and is always growing!!! 

 This is my cute little house! (haha yes I'm Canadian but we have summers just like you!) I had this picture from when we first purchased our house in 2008. It's about 1500sq feet with 4 bedrooms, 2 washrooms and a really nice eat in kitchen. (which no Im not showing bc today is cooking day for the hubs and it's a disaster in there...I'd probably get lost)

We will be listing it next Spring, as we're outgrowing the space. There are 3 main bedrooms on the main floor (forgot to mention is a raised bungalow) and the other is in the basement, currently used as a play room for the kids.

This is "City Hall". It was built in 2008 and cost a bloody fortune in tax dollars. They were over budget. But, it's really nice and should do the city a lot of good for the next 100 years :)

 Hespeler Fire Hall...just so "Happens" to be near my house. ;) We walk past often! Haha.
This is our awesome library. It was redone the year we moved 2008 as well. The entire thing is glass. 

 This is Old city hall. It's mainly used now as a dance studio and a historical site for "life in Hespeler"

 St. Andrew's church is on the left of the picture. This is what you'd see before you turned onto my street, which is just up to the right on this.
Queen St. This is what I see every day.

My kids play at this park every day! We're lucky to have it across from our house.

 American Standard old factory building which is being turned into Condos.

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