Friday, 8 July 2011


So today was kinda a mixture of all kinds of things I had to do. I woke up early, made breakfast, cleaned up the house, and started some laundry (deja vu). Dh had to run to the bank to pay some bills, and get a hair cut, so while he was gone I wrote a list of things I wanted to get accomplished today. This is something we agreed upon, so that I wouldnt get overwelmed with all of the housework by myself, as long as I wrote a list.. he said he would help me. So I wrote it all down. When Dh came home, I had to run to a mandatory meeting at work. We have a new manager, so he wanted to get on the same page with everyone about everything, and fix all the animosity that has been caused lately, and all the problems we are having. It was pretty much a bitch fest... but It ended up only lasting an hour. After the meeting I had to run to my Inlaws house to pick up my sis-in-law Jordyn (7) to take her for the night for my in laws so they could go to Summerfest and stay in a hotel for their Anniversary. I also had to pack her bag for the night.. omg.. that girl.. it bugs me. Im pretty anal about my clothes that my kids wear, but my MIL is the complete opposite.. she doesnt care how her kids look. Jordyn will walk around with a rats nest hair do, with miss matched clothes that are too small for her.. It freakin pisses me off to say the least. So it took me like 15 minutes of digging through her dresser drawers (which werent organized.. GAHH) to find two outfits that A. would fit her, and B. match. I don't get it.. my MIL has a butt load of $$ but doesnt spend crap on her kids for clothes... sorry mini rant over.

Upon coming home, dh had some things crossed off on the list.. so that was good :) I was quite happy about that! lol Then he had to get ready and go to work.
I made lunch for the kids, and after lunch I had them help me with the Diaper cake I had to make for my friends baby shower tomorrow. The kids loved it, Addison Sat and played with her toys, and Connor and Jordyn rolled the diapers up for me, and wrapped them up with rubber bands. I also let them help tape the ribbons on and such. But once those jobs were done, they ran off to play.
After that I took them out in the pool for about an hour so they could get some energy out of their system.
Here's a pic of the diaper cake

I am excited for this baby Shower because alot of friends from high school will be there tomorrow, so it will be nice catching up with everyone :)

Today was an easy peasy day, Jordyn and Connor got along quite well, so I got to play with Addison and work on her "crawing skills" She is almost crawling, but wont stay up on all fours, so for now its an army crawl. She can scoot backwards like a pro though! lol

Now tonight Im catching up on some DVR'd shows, Whale Wars (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and some Real world Road Rules Challange.. im a sucker for MTV.

I am also working on a Kumfy Schluttli Sweater for Betsy

and drinking a glass of Cabernet

Tomorrow shall be exciting, not only do I have the baby shower, but dh got VIP tickets to a brewers game so we have a date night tomorrow night!! Alcohol and food is included too!! HOLLA!!

TGIF!! Love this song, and the video is hilarious! lol

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