Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hump Day

So today is wednesday. I have come to like wednesdays, and not only because its mid way through the week, but because its A. My first day off from a 4 day busy stretch at work, and B. because its volleyball night!!
Wednesdays usually start off by sleeping in till 9ish, the kids usually are tired as well from the busy weekend and when my mother in law watches them, they are usually up late. This morning I made waffles and we all sat and had breakfast. I also weaved in the ends on Kara's longies, did some laundry, dishes, and got the kids bathed and dressed.
At noon today I went and got my hair done FINALLY!!!! My roots were 1.5 inches.. it was pretty redic, so I had to have them done.

During (LOL) :


Also today, dh and I had to go to the Volkswagen Dealership to look at a new car, because my 3 year lease term ends at the end of this month. So I need to find a new car. I love my car though.. I drive a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. Its amazing, sexy, comfortable, luxurious, and I absolutely do not want to give it up.. but to release it or (buy out) the remainder would be dumb when I can get a brand new car for the same price.
Heres the car I have now :

Im thinking im probably going to get a 2011 new Jetta LE .. it would be the same price im paying now. I wanted to get a new Tiguan.. but those would be over $400/mo.. and I really dont want to fork that out right now for a car.

After the dealership we had to get home to make dinner. (We ended up making Chicken Tereyaki stirfry!! mmmm) and then I went to Volleyball!!
I play on a team with Krystal and/or her husband Matt, My best friend Jackie, and some friends from high school, Matt, Jeremy, and Leah. I didnt get any pics of tonight, but here are some from a couple weeks ago. :) We really arent that great, but its recreational.. and I do it for fun, and just to get out of the house!! lol

FYI: My boobs tend to get in the way... but on a good note.. they are big enough to get the ball to bounce back over the net!! LMAO!!!!

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