Tuesday, 5 July 2011

shakin that money maker

As most of you already may know, I am a waitress a the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, in the Geneva Chophouse http://www.chophouse411.com/Geneva/
I have worked at the Grand Geneva for over 7 years now. Throughout those 7 years, I have come to have a love/hate relationship with my job. Its not something I want to do for the rest of my life, or for much longer. Its a very stressfull, strenuous, and time consuming job. Its owned by the Marcus Corporation, so its got its perks, but definately has its downfalls.
I got the job through my DH (boyfriend at the time) when I was still in high school. I started working in the cafe gelato as a barista, making coffees and cappuccinos. From there, I moved into the Newport grill (which is now the chophouse) and I have worked there ever since.
The money is rediculously good. The hours are pretty decent.. but the part that sucks the most.. is the mandatory holidays/weekends. Its like they own your soul. I hate it. And being since I only really make $2.75/hr... they take advantage of it, and make you really work for that.. especially if its slow. It drives me crazy.
Another downer is that my Mother in law is my boss's boss.. She is the director of restaurants at the Grand Geneva. And although it is against company policy, she plays favoritism... and not always in my favor :(

But anyways... I work there 5 days a week. The other waitstaff that I work with are hilarious. Its like the move "Waiting" sometimes.. We all love to make eachother laugh, and joke around. All in all, I can definately say I have enjoyed working there... and i LOVE the money :)

Here are a couple pics I snapped yesterday.

Me in my FUGLY uniform... which does absolutely NOTHING for my womanly figure... blech.

you cant really tell.. but im flipping it off! lol This is up by our podium.

The hot commodity window seating

I absolutely love the view of the countryside. Its probably one of my FAVORITE parts of working here..

Outdoor seating, and Embers terrace below.. where we have a firepit and cocktail lounge area.

our "line" where our food comes out, is all on the upper level of the restaurant. openly visable to all the guests.

more pics of the outside seating.

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  1. It looks like SUCH a nice restaurant! I totally agree with you on the working during holidays. When i was in the service we didnt get holidays off either. But i didnt have a family then so it wasnt too bad.