Thursday, 14 July 2011

Oo La La

Well, I warned you I'm a foodie, didn't I? Today, I am going to share pictures of foods that I loved making and eating.

My favorite food is blueberries. My favorite meal is breakfast, likely because most of the ways I know of to eat blueberries are for breakfast. Although, I do have to admit that I eat them for snacks, too.

Here are some of my favorite ways to eat blueberries, which I would totally make for you guys if you were here.

homemade waffles using krusteaz waffle mix, with cool whip and berries on top

Our special 4th of July cake, a devil's food cake (from boxed mix) with cool whip as icing and berries to make it look like a flag. The kids had a blast helping to make it.

They also had a blast helping to eat it. This is Addy and Evie enjoying our special 4th of July cake.

Yogurt parfait with Greek God's brand greek yogurt, honey flavored, with muesili and berries on top. This one has cool whip on top, too.

Yogurt parfait without cool whip on top, same recipe as above.

I don't just love blueberries, though. I also love strawberries. So does my mom.

This is her 50th birthday cake. I bought the cheesecake (a Publix brand NY style cheesecake) and added fresh strawberries from a local farm on top. It was so yummy. I can still remember how it tasted and yes, my mouth is watering a bit. Yup, I'm a food nerd. . .

My Mom blowing out the candles, assisted by Rory, May 2011.

One of my "birthday things" is making the cakes. I'm not a baker by any means and I don't consider it one of my arts, but its always a labor of love, always has good ingredients in it and always tastes yummy, even if I'm not necessarily skilled in the icing department. Here are some cakes I've made:

Evie's first birthday cake, a made from scratch angel food cake, September 2008

evie enjoying her first birthday cake, September 2008.

Yum, gotta love first cake pics.

addy's 4th birthday cake, September 2008

My niece, Mackenzie, and Addy enjoying Addy's 4th birthday cake September 2008.

Joint cake for Addy's 5th and Evie's 2nd in September 2009. Their birthdays are a week apart, so we always celebrate jointly.

Izzy's first birthday cake, a made-from-scratch, smash sized carrot cake with cream cheese icing. January 2010

And now that I've got you really drooling, let me tell you about another place I'd take you if you visited. But first, the backstory. Don't worry. Its amusing. Yesterday, my sister had to take my nephew back to the ER. I wasn't home, so my BIL took her and the kids and then he left her there with Kai because Kenzie and Kaela were bouncing off walls, which isn't conducive to the ER running smoothly and the doctors being able to figure out what's wrong with Kai. So he called me and asked me if I wanted to meet him at Oo La La, a frozen yogurt place nearby where you pay by the ounce and the weight includes whatever frozen yogurt flavor you choose and whatever toppings you choose. They had 14 different flavors of frozen yogurt and 40 different toppings. I got french vanilla flavored froyo with blueberries on top. It was TDF. I wish I had taken pics, but on the other hand, maybe I don't wish that. . . Because I totally think I should go back to take pics for this blog ;). If I do take pics, I'll add them later.


  1. awesome cakes! I heart labors of love!

  2. OMG i'm hungry looking at these pics!