Sunday, 10 July 2011

Date Night with DH

The morning started off a little rough... I was watching my SIL Jordyn (7) over night, and I thought it would be cool for the kids to camp out in Connors room on the blow up mattress. I can say now that I regret that entirely. Not only were they jumping on it all night, but they didnt fall asleep til 1am!!!!! Connor is always in bed by 9:30/10. and that is when I laid them down to watch a movie. I set the sleep timer on the tv, so by the time the movie was done, i told them it was bedtime. I went in my room by midnight, and they kept getting up asking for water, or a snack, or someone stole their pillow.. ugh. I was beyond frustrated.
The next morning they woke up at 6:30 AM. I was like Hell no, get back in bed.. they went back to bed for another hour, but then were up running around the house. So I woke up, made breakfast, got them dressed, and let them play in the sand box. (which Jordyn threw a hand full of sand into connors eyes)
Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled to go to my friends baby shower.
I had a good time, hanging out with my friends and watching her open her presents :) heres a couple pics

yes, those are 4 inch heels... and she is 33 wks pregnant! lol

After that I ran home and DH and I went to the brewers game. We had VIP tickets to "Tailgate town" Which included beer and food. Also had a Reggae Band "King Solomon" which was awesome! And we entered a raffle, and I won a Prince Feilder autographed baseball for connor (add to his collection of signed memorabilia)
Mid game we left and went over to Summerfest and walked around and watched a couple bands there.

(I was in a black and white sort of mood today! :) ) 

Miller Park

Free food is the best food!

Trying to get a good pic of DH ... sigh...

MMMM Brats!! This is why Im fat. I <3 it with ketsup, mustard and saur kraut!

photo op with one of the Klements racing sausages! lol

candid picture of me!
This one is for you brooke! :) I LOOOVE Margheritas!!

View from our seats


Leaving Miller park, and driving over to Summerfest! This is a partial view of the city

Lake Michigan

We took the Sky Ride above Summerfest.. I was scared out of my mind (I hate heights) but luckily I was buzzed enough that I didnt care. Dh was geekin because he didnt want me to drop his phone! lol

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  1. looks like a blast! Where is your other foot on the pic of you and lake michigan?