Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where to start?

I was so excited that you all were starting "A Day in the Life of...", but a little bummed to see I had to wait for December to roll around before getting my turn, so today I jumped on the opportunity to fill in for Thiele (although I wish the circumstances were better :( ).

I'm not the best blogger in the world, infact, I'll probably be a bit boring, but I'll try my best to not waste your time :)

Today consisted of mainly cutting out PUL, washing fabric, ironing fabric, cutting out *some* of the fabric, and sewing 3 bags before I ran out of thread. I was on a roll too! I was hoping to get a good 10-15 bags done today. Oh well, such is life!

Here is my sewing area, nothing fancy, infact it's quite boring and the chair is quite uncomfortable, although I'm sure it could be worse lol! It's in the living room so I can still be around my family and hear the kids laughing and playing.

I also decided to humble myself and show what a disaster my living room was since I had been sewing/cutting all day instead of cleaning....brace yourself.....

......are you braced???

......seriously....are you sitting down??

the mess......

another angle....

It's pretty bad...huh?! Bowls left on the couch from dinner (gasp), pillows laying around everywhere, bikes, toys, diapers bags, oh my!

However, 30 minutes later we have this:

and this:

Nice, clean and cozy. To top off the nice clean living room I even threw in a new cube of "My Wish" Scentsy to making it smell as good as it looks.
I also gave the boys a hair cut today!



Oh, and dd#1 wanted to get in on the picture taking fun, so here's one just for her:

Fabric cut and washed, dinner cooked, living room cleaned, but we're going to ignore the horrific playroom, mmmk?
(dd#1 wanted to model for this too)

Welp, see, not very interesting. Now I'm off for a bowl of ice cream, cherry to be exact. I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow! :)

ETA: and feel free to leave comments...it makes me feel loved <3


  1. comments make me feel loved too ;) <3

  2. Great post! I love the before and after pics :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I also love the open space of your living room and the before/after ;).

  4. wish your blog had smellorama:)

  5. aaahhh!! I want your living room! so spacious!!

  6. Your house is huge and beautiful! And i like that scentsy holder, which one is it? I need to order one for pete sake.