Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Day 1-Alexia's School

Day 1!

This is Alexia's school. She is 4, she goes to a pk3 program for 3-4-5 year olds M-F, from 9am-12. There are 28 kids in her class, and 4 teachers, so it's an excellent student:teacher ratio. The program is only $45 a week, which is great, and since Jonathan works for T-Mobile, it gets reimbursed to us, since they cover up to $200/month in childcare/educational expenses.
This is the outside of her school:

This is her classroom:

There are four tables, red, green, blue, yellow, the kids are first grouped by where they sit, and then moved based on how they interact with the surrounding kids :)
They each have their own cubbies (in the right of the picture) in which to keep their coloring books, lunch box, etc...

This is the splash pad that is behind her school-they go there every Friday for fountain day:
The kids love the fountains! They get to wear their bathing suits, bring their squirt toys, and wet the teachers. Sometimes, they even have whipped cream pie fights!

And this is her schools playground:they go outside to play every day it isnt raining :)

Tomorrow-Hyde Park, and Candy College!!

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