Monday, 29 August 2011

I can't think of a clever name for this ;)

Hello ladies :) Some of you already know this, but whenever I say that (or should I say type that) in my head it sounds like the guy in the Old Spice commercial. You know, this one.

Well, I thought it would be more exciting for me to do my week on the blog after we moved in, because then I could do a tour of the house, and all that fun stuff. But we've still got stuff happening.

Yesterday I went down to Minot, ND to pick up my kitchen cupboards!! I'm very excited about them. We are a few steps away from installing them, but it's wonderful to have them actually in the house!

Minot still has a lot of floodwater, more than we have in many areas. Here's a shot I took on the way out of town. Pretty, but that should be a field, not a lake.

Here is my new living room in progress, jammed full of boxes of cupboards:

It's late, and I'm sweaty mess from priming the basement, and I'll be spending a lot of tomorrow priming as well, so just a short post tonight. But for fun, here's Sophia, my 4 year old, and her hair in all it's glory. When you pull the curls straight, it's pretty much down to her tailbone. And yet she insists that her hair is still short, because it's not long like Rapunzel's. She got the movie Tangled for her birthday and it has profoundly effected her life.

(we're in the middle of growing her bangs out.)

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  1. Love that commercial and th bangs!!! Great blog kick off!!