Thursday, 1 September 2011

I tried to warn you all....

that this week wasn't great for me to have my turn, it was going to be boring, but I just did it really last minute :P

Yesterday we were thinking of going back down to Minot to get more stuff for the house, but then didn't, BUT we did get most of the kitchen drywall finished!! So now we're much closer to being able to install cupboards and have a real kitchen!!

I've been out at the house pretty much every day for awhile, but today I'm not going partly because it's chilly and rainy today (ahem thanks a lot September, way to rub it in that summer's over) but mostly because the house that we're still living in has been ignored for too long. In other words, it's a huge mess. So today I'm cleaning and packing some more stuff hopefully.

I'll post again tonight with pics of this house, but when it's cleaner :) and we all know it still won't be completely clean, but it will be MUCH better than it is now! That's my goal, anyway.....

See you later!

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