Sunday, 4 September 2011

READ ME YO: University of Arkansas

Back story:

My dad was in the air force and always wanted to retire in Arkansas because his best friend lived in Little Rock. Well, he decided to follow a woman (post divorce) to Florida and thats where he stayed (not with that woman) Anyway, I chose the UofA because I thought he was moving to AR. I visited, auditioned for a music scholarship, got said scholarship and viola, UofA student. So the month before school started he accepts a job with MacDill AFB in Tampa and I packed my whole room into boxes....some labeled AR and some labeled FL.

I was in band, played clarinet and was a music major (for a whole year) Stayed in marching band bc it was soooo much fun. Alot of work, but soo fun!! I pledged Alpha Delta Pi that spring of my freshman year and live there the next 3 years. Everyday on my way to class I passed by the horticulure display gardens and this lovely Bike Bike Canoe Rack. We always joked about jumping in the canoe and paddling to class. No idea why.....really, but its hilarious!

On the beginning of our adventure. We invited Dammaw and Bobop (aka bryan's parents) along.

Greek Theatre

Pep rallys are held here and there were a few ppl studying here today. They show movies here too.

Just one of many inscriptions

Bray found a noise maker left over from the pep rally Saturday and was performing the Cookie Song by Laurie Berkner for everyone.

This used to be my favorite tree.....until the ice storm of 2009=(

It's pitiful now, poor cypress.

Bray on the branch

On the steps of Old Main, the first building associated with the U of A when it was a land grant university back in 1876.

It's big

The Family

My fat rolls and the kids (cuz that's all I see) I thought I looked okay today and then I saw this picture=(

Hence the reason I'm now jogging 3x a week.

Long sidewalk to the front steps of Old Main

The north clocktower

Legend has it that it is taller because the builder wanted the south to be reminded of who won the war. It house a bell that chimes on the hour and at noon plays the Alma Mater.

Carnal Hall Inn

Was the first girl's dormatory that was a scary building when I went to school there, but they redid that bad boy and now it's a 5 star restaurant and hotel. Had my bridal portraits there. Here's me and Bray!

Kids on the porch

Me and the girl

Fulbright Peace Fountain

My first senior walk engraving! It is my

maiden name and I was married a week later!!

BSA Horticulture 2004

My second engraving. I went back to get a masters in teaching, married of course.

Masters in the Art of Teaching, 2006

Here's Bryan's

BA in Accounting/Finance 2007

I have this presh video of Bray saying daddy's name as he's dragging his finger over Bryan's name he says, "Daaaaaaaady"......but Flipshare is being dumb so I'll have to mess with it tomorrow=(

Here's Bray and I in front of the ADPi house and yard signs. Miss thise days........

The End

for now........

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