Monday, 5 September 2011

70* weather, yes please!!

We decided since it was soooo freaking nice out to have a picnic at the park! We went to a park with swings too (the ones near our house don't have swings and Brayden is deprived) It was cool out and we wore jeans.......I love fall and hope these temps stick around. Clara watchin brother swing

Dad being a monkey

I love this pic of them

Clara swinging for the 1st time=)

Bray pushing his sister

Clara on the playground

Bray on the toddler alligator

Be still my heart

My cute guys

And my cute girl

At the castle

This used to be a natural spring well house, but they replaced that ugly thing with a whimsical castle that is full of art!



carved bridge and bray investigating the creepy crawlies

up high

Full view of the castle and the back of bray

That gate is where the spring is....locked tight

And when we got home the boys washed daddy's car

Such a good helper

I wanted to be in a pic with the boys and this was the best way

So it was a busy day, but a good family day. Clara took her nap in the carseat and I laid down for a few minutes too. Now I have to do some grocery shopping and then later go on a low humidity run!!! Yea. After seeing all these pics of myself Im pretty disgusted at my body.


  1. what an awesome park!!! looks like a great time :D

  2. your pictures are great you look ssooo pretty!

    I just wanted to ask you to change (or add) m yother blog to the ddc list of blogs my new one is

    thanks! corri