Sunday, 25 September 2011

Read this only when you have time or are already bored :)

Hi ladies!

Let me take you on the brief journey of tidbits of my back a galaxy far, far away...oh wait, I grew up only 15 minutes from where I live. Nevermind. Cue the Little House on the Prairie music...that's maybe more like it. That was my mom's favorite show of all time. Exactly why my sister is named Laura. I'm the oldest of 3 girls. I was 6 when Laura was born, 12 when Sarah was born. (there's 12 years in between my boys as well) Mom stayed home, cloth diapered us, packed me around in a back pack carrier, but didn't nurse any of us. Dad worked for a local grain elevator driving semi. We lived 2 miles from town, had horses, goats, chickens, etc & my hometown only has pop. 1000. So it was pretty quiet as most small towns in Iowa are. The farthest I've lived from home is a year in college in Des Moines, 90 miles from home.

Mike & I started dating in Spring 1990, my junior year. Gads that makes me feel old. Cue the old lady music. He was a freshman, I needed a date for jr. prom, he was a friend of my cousin's..I thought we'd go to prom & that would be it. Yeah..we stuck together for whatever reason & were married in June 1994. Insert wedding march music. My mom had died from cancer in April of that year. Looking back I can't believe how selfish I was actually going ahead & getting married so soon. My sisters were 8 & 14 - they went from losing mom & me moving out within 2 months. My dad has never remarried. My sister Laura is due Nov. 14 with boy/girl twins, & baby sis Sarah has 2 kids, Naudia was born when she was 15..that was a scandal in our small town, oyvey! And Tyson is 5. Laura & Sarah live right across the alley from one another in town. Sarah actually lives in my Grammie's house & will be Laura's sitter when she goes back to work after having the twins. My dad lives on the farm directly across the road from where I grew up.

I feel like I should cue some epic movie type music cuz this is turning out long. is everything to me. Dh's fam all live around here too. He's the middle of 3 boys. His mom & dad live on their family farm just outside of town & have the produce business. His mom's a nurse too. Younger bro Bob & his wife have a 3 yr old girl & a 9 month old boy, so the two little Amos cousins are soo cute together! Older bro Jeff & his wife are the parents of Kayleen, who we lost last month, & also 11, 14, 16 yr old girls & live just 3 miles from us. I could go on & on with backstory, but I will save some for later this week.

Dh Mike with the Amos boys. Conlan (11/17/10) on right & nephew Gunner 12/14/10) on right. We both call our little guys it's funny when we get together :)

More on the journey tomorrow..maybe some exciting photos from our metropolis of a town!

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