Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I'm sitting here in the house alone with just Conlan...& he's sleeping. I find myself thinking about what life would be like with just him & it would be sooo quiet & maybe boring? Clay will be 13 in a month & I can hardly remember it just being him & I home alone. Dh worked pretty long hours at the mall, so it usually was just us most days (& lots of evenings alone too). I can see the difference in Conlan's personalilty compared to Clay's at this age. Conlan is so outgoing & adventuresome & talkative, happy, & I attribute that to having his older siblings around. Clay was pretty quiet at this age..& definately not as adventuresome! Then Jocelyn came & she was a sweetheart little girl & loved all girlie things! What a difference there is between boys & girls from the moment they're born! I get a kick out of new parents that say they'll never buy their baby boy a toy gun or sword. I just think to myself "great plan...but when they're old enough, they'll just make one out of a branch, wooden spoon, etc...whatever they find!" And it's funny how little girls are so drawn to dolls, soft stuffed animals, etc.

Today's my baby sister's birthday..she's 25. Her daughter will be 11 after Christmas & has planned a surprise party for her Friday evening. :) Pretty sweet for an 11 year old! I think back to what a small town scandal it was when Sarah got pregnant...but I can't imagine life without my neice! She's Jocelyn's best friend.

Sarah, Naudia, & I in April

Sarah & Conlan last month.

Our middle sis, Laura. She's 31 & a vet tech. She's the sis that is due with boy/girl twins Nov. 14. So..she's pretty big now & I don't have any photos of her preggo. Might try to take one Friday night at Sarah's surprise party.

Laura & my Dad at Yellowstone 2 summers ago

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  1. lovely family! and i hear ya' on the whole toy gun thing...he just uses his fingers or a toy.