Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Game Day!

------>Conlan wonders what sissy is


Game Day!

Pretty quiet day for us. I still need to put photos of the town & my house on here. We did our usual home school schedule, the kids work around our dining room table. Jocelyn is always first & does her 4th grade work, then Clay does his 7th grade stuff. Our everyday subjects are math, reading, Bible. The kids & I go to a Community Bible Study on Thursday mornings. I teach a group of 2-3 year olds, & the kids go to an elementary class. Clay is also in confirmation this year at our church & goes every Weds. after football. Once or twice per week we all sit & read Science - this year we're alternating between learning about Oceans & Anatomy/Physiology. Weird to combine the two I know. But, Oceans/Sea Life is dd's favorite, so we read from that once in awhile instead of learning about our bodies. History we're learning in sort of an 'unschooling' way...we're watching a historical documentary once or twice a week, then going off of it & studying more of whatever it was about. I really need to get a better structured history curriculum, but right now this works for the kids' interests. We do standardized testing every year, & they've always scored high in everything, so I think what we're doing is working so far. Jocelyn does go to public school every Wedsnesday morning 9:45-10:45 for 4th grade Art. She loves arts & crafts. Clay goes to school everyday at 2:30 for 7th grade football. He rides the bus home. We had a game tonight at a town 45 minutes away. They lost by 4 touchdowns. They haven't won a game yet. :( But..he's having fun, so that's the main thing.

I really suck at getting the photos where I want them. Anway..this is Clay! ----->

This is also our homecoming week, so the kids are looking forward to going to the game Friday night.

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  1. awesome! Love how you incorporate the parts of school that you want your kids in!