Monday, 27 June 2011

Whoohoo, It's My Week! Welcome to Griffin, GA!

We live in the smallish town of Griffin, GA, which is considered middle GA.  We're about 40min-1hr south of Atlanta (depends on traffic).  Dh and I moved here in 2005, right after Porter turned 1.  Before that, we lived in Locust Grove, GA, and in Chester, SC.

Griffin is a nice town to live in; it's not too rural and not too citified. :)  We live in the rural section of the county, which is fine with us.  We like not having close neighbors.

This is a picture of down town taken off Google images. 

This is one of my favorite signs in Griffin.  It makes me laugh every time.

We LOVE our house.  I'll have pictures to post as soon as I can figure out why my laptop isn't recognizing my USB cable.  When we were house hunting, we wanted an old farmhouse that didn't need much work.  Our realtor laughed at us.  I found it while doing a search one day.  Our house was built in 1858 and bought by a contractor for his crew to work on in the winter.  They completely remodeled and updated the interior and added the upstairs.  It was PERFECT for us.

This is an old picture that I posted the other day, too.

As for a day in the life, well, it's summer, so things are pretty laid back.  Dh and I are both home for 2 months, which is so nice.  We generally just work around the house and run errands.  Today, Porter and I went to Lowes and the grocery store.  This evening, we will probably go for a bike ride if it's not raining (it is right now).

I'll see what pics I can come up with in a minute. 

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  1. I love that sign, too, Gena. It made me LOL.