Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Krystal Kaye~ Little Bio

I totally forgot till today that its my go on the "Day In The Life" Blog! WOW time FLEW!
I will give you a little run down on my history and through out this week Ill also give you the grand tour of my humble abode and maybe even a video peek into my daily life later this week! YAY! Oh so exciting, I know! ;)

Well, It started a long long time ago when two horny rabbit like hippies with 4 kids already popped a wee little one out in Jan 14th, 1983 at a whopping 5lbs 6ozs. Both my twin siblings weighed more than me at birth! I was and still am the runt of the litter of the 9 kids my parents raised. We grew up in a town called Waterford. We were infamous really. The trouble makers of the area and the slew of children, always in some kind of group with smoke billowing out of the centre of it. We grew up on a desolate peninsula off of the Fox River. It was a vacation type of area where 75% of the home owners were summer only residents and resided in Illinois. We had quite a hay day rummaging the homes during the winter months. :blush:

I still live in the same little ole town, well one over. An extension of the one I grew up in really. I now live in Rochester WI. A mere 5 miles from where I grew up and only a block from the home my husband grew up in.

My husband and I met in 1997 and have been together since. We did split however for a few years after HS while he experimented with drugs and I experimented with ...well, other men......
Here is a great vintage shot of my husband and I the summer of 99 with our 5 month old daughter Briana.
   Family in 1999

We got back together and had our little Eli in 2007 and decided to marry just a few weeks before we were due. Here is a couple shots of what looks like a whale and crack head getting married. ( I was severely preggo and DH was in the height of his graves disease and I WEIGHED MORE THEN HIM!)

We have came a long way since then..... Here is us now!
I met you lovely ladies not long after Eli was born when we conceived Stella, the first conceived with in our marriage. I spent that whole year and pregnancy getting to know you all and made some concrete strong friends.
Here is the last belly pic of my pregnancy with Stella and her, my darling little angel.

I now work at a fine dining establishment in Burlington, WI. Just a town over (our address is under Burlington because our town is that small we don't have a mail delivery out of our P.O.)
I will fill you in tomorrow on the work stuff. I have off tonight!!! WooT WooT!
I am planning on spending the evening helping my neighbor make cupcakes for her darling little boys 3rd B-day!
And for the last pic a wonderful shot of my family!

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  1. Mom this is Eli Reading this made me tear up you should keep on doing this.