Thursday, 8 December 2011

Krystal~ A workin momma

I totally forgot my camera last night when i went to work so I just pulled some pics off the good ole Internet of my work.  Which really do this place no justice, especially now when its all decked out for Christmas.
The building I work in was built in 1908 by a fellah named BJ Wentker and is located in the heart of Burlington, WI. He had a business here called BJ Wentkers Triangle Buffet back in the 1900's.
The Bar is AMAZING! It was bought in Chicago at the World Trade Fair in 1896 and stored until built in here. The building is restored to its original beauty by a previous owner that my boss used to work for. The bar, floors, walls and tin ceiling are all original and the previous owner won awards because of his work. We even have a cigar lighter from the 1900's screwed into the bar. Great conversational piece! My current boss took over the place 12 years ago.
We have a full bar and 3 dining rooms. One in the bar area with high top tables and another 2 in the back with the lower dining tables. We have a total of 19 tables for serving and our most popular night is Friday, for our fish frys! We have everything from Steak to Lobster on the menu and prices range from $16-34 a plate. Fish frys are AYCE and are only $10/12 Cod or Perch.
I love the ambiance here. Many think its haunted and I would agree. I have had my fair share of sightings. I have a little different out look on "ghosts" or spirits, if you must. There is definitely some energy here and I get a glimpse of some of it late at night, when I am all alone closing this place. Sounds exciting aeh?
I have been bar tending since I was about 19. I can everything from a sidecar, or vesper martini to a twisted funky monkey and every martini in the books and TONS of old fashioned drinks. I make lots of Manhattans here. I am a professional at wine and craft beers as well.  Total wine and beer snob!
 BJ's is one of the higher scaled dining establishments  in the area (aside from the Grand where Korin is, that is where i used to work until they screwed me over! or any other place in Lake Geneva.)
I have been here since March 2011 and am not sure how much longer I will be staying. My boss has an alcohol issue and hides his drinking from us, but not very well might I add. He lost his wife, kid, home and I imagine eventually this business. He is a phenomenal chef however and pretty laid back kinda hippie dude.
I usually work Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 4/5pm-11/2am depending on the business. Its been slow this week, which is not helping my Christmas shopping! We are hosting a free dinner this Sunday for the needy of the area. We all volunteer our time and serve people all day. We have 408 people signed up for this years dinner!!!! I am bringing Brinan and having her help out with dishes and bussing. It is a non-alcohol event (besides the employees really) so I will be serving all day as well.
Here are some pics of the place.  (I may have to take more tonight if i remember, the Christmas decorations are just stunning.)
The Building
A Cool Painting some one did of the place, We have this hanging in one of the dining rooms.
Here is the bar i get to work behind and clean everyday. That is Josh on the phone over there. lol!
We have some of the BEST tappers in the area which we change out with seasons. We have 12 taps going at all times and not one is a domestic crap beer!
This is one of the strangest table in the whole building, I always seat it last unless I have a rude mean crappy 2 top that deserves nothing better, muahahahaha! I have the POWER!

Well I am off to finish my laundry and cleaning so I can head here for the night!

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