Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Krystal~ My Humble Abode

Welcome to our humble abode. Nestled on a lovely culdesac in the centre of Rochester WI just steps from the Burlington bike trail you will find the Kayes. We scored this place in September of 2009 for only $950 a month. ( I so hate throwing that much away on rent!!!) We planned on buying but DH has found it difficult to keep a job. So here we have what we throw about 11grand a year away on! least we have some cool neighbours!
Please excuse the laundry baskets and messy house....I am not lazy...just highly motivated to do nothing lately..or just do it so slow, it only looks as though nothing was done cause the mess just caught up to me.

 The Man cave part 1. I love having this added space. We even have a space heater for the long drawn out winter months. Most will gather here to smoke, so it stinks like donkey a$$.
 Where I make all the magic! ;) This kitchen is cool, we have a pass through breakfast bar into the living room. I love the open concept of this place! DH is there helpin DS brush his teeth.....that is right man...WORK! ha ha ha, just kiddin'.....kinda. : P
 My dining area.
 Our living room and DHs flat screen TV. If it wasnt for black Friday sales last year I would never have bought such nannypoo. But DH now can not live with out it!
 The other half of the living area. This is where I am sitting now! And spend many hours chatting it up on FB with all you lovely mommas!
 This is where I wish the magic happened! ;) J/K It sure does! We bought this bed set when we first moved in and broke it New Years Eve last stuff I tell ya! You can see the frame cracked on the lower right of the pic. Don't shop at Colders, they have those "deals" that will lure you in, but really they just sell cheap stuff and mark it up so it LOOKS expensive then tell you that you get 1/2 off or the same amount back to buy other cheap crap! We totally fell for it and bought new bedroom sets AND a whole new living room when we moved here.
 DD's room. TOTAL pig stye! Just by looking at it you can smell the stench of teenage angst billowing out! PeeeeeeeeWeeeeee!
 Here is DS's Room. It is GINORMOUS!!! We have a full couch and over sized chair in here, a bed, a TV, a basketball hooop, train table and a rocking chair. This is where I lock all the children who dare enter my house.
 The other side of the ginormous play room/DS's room. Love the ledge, its where all the kids jump off of into piles of blankets on the floor. Hours and hours of fun! No broken bones as of yet.... FX!
 Here is DHs pride and joy. His Man cave pt 2. This is where he makes all the racket that leaves the neighbours banging on the walls and overdosing on ambien every night.
 And my drums just shoved into the corner...... we keep the music and fun all in the utility room! genius!
Here is our back yard off our deck. I wish I had stairs down from this deck. If a kid was to fall in the canal Id totally break my leg jumping off of this and could never save anyone. sigh....still trying to talk the land lords into letting us build one. Even that explanation didn't work! @_@ I love having the canal though. We have a canoe under this lovely deck that we spend many days in the summer drifting up and down this stinky green canal! Ahhhh the life!
We spent the last 2 years landscaping this back yard. It used to be so dense with weeds and crap you couldnt even see the canal. The garden in the center there used to be a glob of raspberry bushes with a pile of rocks in the middle. We cleared that out last year and added mulch. there is a Mulberry and Lilac bush in there too. WE also added 2 peonys and 2 ferns. It looks SO MUCH nicer in the spring and summer!
Well we are off to spend money we don't have on Christmas gifts in hopes I'll make at least a 1/4 of that back tonight in tips! Ill also be taking pics of work to share with you all tomorrow!! Chow for now~ <3

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