Thursday, 3 November 2011

Greetings from Schnellville!!

Hi Ya'll!!
I have started this post SO many times and it ends up getting deleted or closed out of :( So, here I go again:
My camera cord corroded, so no pics until this weekend, but I will try to upload pics from my computer (old ones).

We live in Schnellville, IN which has a population of 326 :D we are a one-horse town with a feed mill and a Catholic Church. Here is Sacred Heart of Jesus:

We have lived in our home for 5 years, when we first married. We are trying to sell it to move closer to Roger's (dh) work. I have an album on my facebook page with pics of our house, but it won't let me copy it here? oh well. here some pics of the fall colors:
Here is out our front door:
Here is my hubby on our wedding day, July 1, 2006 :D
His sister, Julie, was my best friend and one day, I just realized that Roger fit my "list" :D It was a list of requirements that a husband must have...Julie and I were just saying how we would be spinsters when Roger walked in, and I realized, huh, YOU may be a spinster, but I may have just found myself someone to fit my list! (she did get married, in 2009, and is due with her first baby on Christmas day :D )
3 months after our wedding, we conceived Christopher Eugene. We took the test in my parent's bathroom on Black Friday :D I will never forget how weird it was testing in my parent's house and how excited we were when we saw 2 lines. I don't have any pics of Christopher as a baby on my computer, but here he is now:
He was born July 25, 2007 at 38 weeks gestation. What a wonderful day it was when he entered this world!
When Christopher was 11 months old, we conceived Patrick Leo. He was born March 3, day before his great grandpa Leo's birthday at 38 weeks gestation Patrick brings such joy and humor to our family! Here he is:
Patrick was born right as the recession hit. Roger, who is an electrician, was laid off, and we feared having to pay out of pocket for our insurance. We could make by on unemployment and out savings until the next job came, but there was no way we could pay $700 a month on insurance. So, I went to work at Fox Metal and Truss doing purchasing. It was a fun job, but I had SUCH a hard time leaving the kids...I cried every night. I went to work when Patrick was 4months old and got to come back home one month before he turned a year. I missed his babyhood (thats how I felt..I was not in a good place at the time) Roger and I had issues with our marriage in that time with him trying to be a SAHD and me a working was not a good arrangement for us. So, anyway, once I was able to stay home again, we decided to tryone month another baby..if we did not get pregnant, then it was what God wanted, and we would wait for a know the story ;) We conceived on our first night away from the kids..on Valentine's Day and Magdalena Josephine came into this world on October 10th, 2010 at 3weeks gestation. Here's my girly-girl:

Today, I was supposed to go window shopping with my mom and Maggie Jo in Nashville, IN. Well, she ended up selling her car last night and doesn't have a vehicle to replace it :( It would mean about 7 hours in the car for me to go pick her up, take her up there, and then drive her back home, so we cancelled :*( We had been planning this for about 2 months :( it was already rescheduled once :( boo! So then I made plans for the kids and I to go to Julie's house to sew some and help her put baby stuff away :D Well, this morning, Patrick has puked twice :*( ugh!! he is acting PERFECTLY fine right now, but I am worried about getting her sick. SO, we are home sweet home right now. It is pouring rain outside. I think that I may build the kids a "tent" and put a movie on. Its one of those days when I just don't want to be in the house, KWIM?

well, thanks for reading this, and stay tuned for lots of pics from halloween when my camera part comes in!


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