Sunday, 6 November 2011

Louisville Zoo Sunday!

Today we went to the Louisville Zoo with Roger's brother, Kurt. We had a really nice time. We just love that zoo!

THis orangatang is just cool!

Kurt and Maggie Jo.

3 little monkey sitting in a slide...

Daddy pointing out a turtle.

This is our favorite place to stop on the way back from Louisville. It is Pizza Kind, but it has a massive train built into it. You get to sit in the "caboose" cars. Its really kind of private and a great family setting. And the best part: They deliver your drinks on a model train that runs inside the train! It comes right to your table :D To be honest, the food really isn't that great, but the train is just so cool!

Patrick was just exhausted from the zoo....

...So were Mommy and Christopher!

Listening for the train.
THere it is!

Our "caboose"

Thanks for letting me be a part of this blog for a week! I have a lot of fun, and hope that you enjoyed spending a week with me!

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