Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lark Ranch

So this is actually what we did last Sunday, but just now having time to post.

Every Sunday we try to do family things. We don't do housework, and try to do something fun. Last Sunday we went to Lark's Ranch, which is a pumpkin patch/corn maze farm. It was our first time going, and we had a blast! Here's some pics :D

notice maggie jo in the hole?

They had a kiddie corn maze that I helped the kids through.
Daddy and the kids doing an indian dance in the teepee

Daddy and Maggie Jo in the ergo.
We are HUGE Allis Chalmers fans, so here they are, all excited that the ranch had an AC. Correction...dh and kids are AC uncle is a john deer dealer, so I like those...I like to pick on DH about it :D

in the corn maze
talk to ya' later!

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